All’s Well With The World?

@roseinbloom asked for some blogs to be written – and rightly so – for many of us have been very neglectful of our Chatters Friends – many in the Northern Hemisphere have been enjoying a great summer while most of us – at least here in New Zealand, have been experiencing a very unpleasant winter – really nothing to inspire putting pen to paper (so to speak).

There is so much going on in the world wherever we choose to look what with Europe being over run with migrants, bombings in Manchester and strife in London, and that is not even mentioning the stress that is constant in the USA whether it be the ongoing saga of Mr Trump and the welfare bill that is almost a daily new headline.

Maybe there are some of you who would like to write in more detail about the ongoing events – but maybe are a little retissent to bring the subjects up.

For me, I say let's let our hair down and blog about what really is of concern to all of us – the world.

I was looking at the history channel yesterday and saw a film of the first Major Bombing Blitz on London - 350 bombers and 200 plus fighter escorts – was that really 67 years ago and have we progressed far since then?

Have a nice day and kindest regards you you all.

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96 thoughts on “All’s Well With The World?

  1. lo1234

    Hearing about all the stress in the world, I like to come here and avoid chatting or reading about it it. As you say, it’s “constant” and in the daily headlines. I suppose people thrive on it but too much is just too, much. There must be other things to blog about besides politics and we have a politics group that no one seems to use.

    1. roseinbloom

      Lo, I understand your feelings, but if people don’t want to read a blogs they can scroll on down, but I like to have world wide information about almost anything and that is why I paid for this site and I have found it to be a gold mine of information. It MAY be a no-no to be too political here. My blog on politics disappeared, don’t know where it went. I can understand that Rob has a vision for his site, but I also write blogs to give and get information and blogs is better at doing that.
      I can understand that people like yourself are dealing with more than you want to hear already. I know about your governor and then there is everything else. Politics can be divisive and most people cannot be rational about them and if I owned a chat site, I may not want to kindle any sparks. I do appreciate hearing from people like Drummer, Starlette and others on these blogs.

    2. LoneRogue

      I understand the overload of politics on almost all media and can understand how many would like to be left to discuss without it.

      I will stop political commenting here if others will do the same. The “Politics_Current Events_Global Issues” seems to be a wasteland and that is a shame because some of us would like to discuss that subject and get clarification of opinions. Hopefully others will begin using that group for political issues.

  2. rose1943

    Thank you, Drummer. I do know this. Many millions of people in our country slept easier last night. If we had kept our heads in the sand and not reacted to the news this may not have happened. The health care bill that would have literally crippled millions and helped the rich…did not pass. We are not part of the House of Representatives but had the freedom to write to our congressmen, governors and senators to voice our opinions.
    I was born in wartime and raised in wartime. My father was always abreast of what was going on in our country and in others. He taught us that it was important. He worked hard at election time canvassing and working as a judge on election days. He riled us up for the good candidates. The honest ones. The ones that would be good for our country and help ‘the little guy’ so everyone would have a decent job for a good place to live and families to have meals on their tables. Most of us want this at this time I’m afraid that some right now do not have this perspective in order to bring our country there. There are many blogs right below full of gardening, poetry, talk of exercise and lots of happy thoughts. We have the freedom I believe to read them all. Thank you, Drummer, for giving me a place to say this.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Rose ,
      I was delighted to read your very thoughtful response to my blog – I think it is good that at least we can share our thoughts and worries – it really does help.

  3. starlette

    Hi Drummer…..the world, what can I say, I can change nothing………I will sign petitions if they are concerning something I feel strongly about, whether these make any difference I very much doubt it…….I will give and donate for world disasters………do I lose any sleep of concerns for the state the world is in, no I don’t, things usually pan out and problems overcome……..then up crops a new one, where there is man there will always, be conflict , friction and the fight for power…..been like that since the year dot and I cannot see anything changing anytime soon….

    1. roseinbloom

      Starlette, I guess I agree and you help to put it in perspective. I like to be more optimistic, but you are probably right except can we hope that a woman in power would make a difference. I like to hope that they would. I just insist on being hopeful at all times, but also read to duck or find cover.

    2. roseinbloom

      Star, enough people together can make a difference. The people over here are protesting and demanding continued care or better care. I am skeptical, but one person has a bit of power, a tiny bit, but some. I just read 1 million people did not vote here.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Starlette

      your response to my blog does I am sure reflect the feelings of so many of us – I think it does help for us to share our views – just keep signing those petitions and of course share your views with us all.

  4. Drummer Post author

    Hello again Roseinbloom

    I think we both share very similar thoughts and worries although the fact is that really we can give each other moral
    support – there is little else we can do in our more mature years – I must say though that I am very concerned about the on again off again health system plaguing USA just now.
    Kind regards

    1. roseinbloom

      My health insurance is not subject to too many changes, except that the cost goes up and the quality goes down since I have an employment provider. Young people like my grandson may be wiped off the programs and poor people of any age. Trump changes from one week until the next. He says he wants a “wonderful plan” but he won’t raise taxes on the wealthy and his legislatures cannot get the needed votes. I do not like the direction UK and US seem to be taking . Too much disregard for the at least 80 % of the population which includes the old and needy, the disabled and just a whole lot of others. Thank you for your interest.

  5. vonMichael

    Good Morning Drummer,

    our world or whatever we call it has changed within the last 20years. Do the old ones like us can cope with all those changes cos some of them hit them or has a great influence to their life in general?
    If each of us would want to discuss those changes her/his country is going through ROB should open a new forum like Senior chatters politics.

    Two of the main problems are to be seen in the fact that people live with having their eyes closed on important matter and/or they live with the slogan… that’s none of my business.
    One example which may doesn’t suite in hear but I like to mention: … Mrs.Clinton
    confronted Mr. Trump with the fact that ows more than 900 mill. Dollar to the country. Due to his tax fraud which he is very proud of.
    How many social problems could have been soved from the politics if he had paid what he owes the country!!! So my question to this fact goes like this:… how can
    people vote for a man like this. Mr. Al Capones debts were peanuts I would like to say.
    People’s moral as a keyfactor has changed dramatically within the past 25years I think. I think that’s a good blog or yours as well. kind regards, Michael

    1. roseinbloom

      von michael,
      You have more information and insight that a huge percentage of US voters. We do have very biased reporting. Different news channels and programs are slanted in different direction. Most Trump voters only watch one channel and most do not comprehend economics. Trump says “fake news” and he is very loose with the truth. He never released his taxes and the media never made it an issue. With the investigation, a lot might become public. A lot of people voted against a woman and against immigrants, blacks and gays. They also voted against welfare people. They voted their hate and it is not a good phase for our country.

      1. vonMichael

        Hello Rose,

        an election like the one you had in the States is not just important, no it is very important not for the entire country only, no it effects the world stage of politics.
        Thant would mean to me to get profound national knowledge about candidates and any political party in the country.
        Let me ask you please; what do you have the PBS in the States for??? If one is interested in latest news, here they come to ears and eyes.

        Besides this fact common sense should prevail in a matter of importance like this. I would like to bet you Mr. Trump would never fly the Boeing 747 himself cos out of the lack of flying experience. But to become the leader of the free world,
        yes he thinks he can manage the task.
        No sorry Rose there are far to many facts speaking against Mr. Trump as a candidate of being the President of the USA.

        1. roseinbloom

          von Michael. I agree with you. I cannot explain the results better than I already did. I am a very educated person as to people, government and behaviors, so If I have any explanation almost no one does. The less people know the more they think they know. I try to be optimistic, but I have no real basis for it.

    2. LoneRogue

      Yes, keeping our “eyes open” is very important. I wasn’t aware that anything Donald Trump did as to taxes was against the law, The IRS examines his tax filings so closely that is surprising.

      Please provide clear documentation to back up your claim in this past post that is or was “tax fraud”.

  6. Drummer Post author

    Michael – How nice to hear from you again and I have to say that I do agree with your profound thoughts. The only thing I would disagree with would be the need to ask Rob to open a special page for Politics – I feel we are all adults and are mature enough to be able to discuss whatever we feel to be appropriate at the time without the need to submit our thoughts for approval. I shall look forward to your further thoughts which always give a good basis for further discussion,
    Kind regards Drummer

      1. roseinbloom

        lonerogue, I don’t know who said that Trump is guilty of tax fraud, but I do remember his saying he was being audited. He also has refused to turn over his tax records as all other Presidents have since I don’t remember exactly when. I do remember reading that he was doing a lot of business with Russians before and after the election. Your opinion is appreciated and maybe you can explain your point of view.

        1. LoneRogue

          My “point of view” is to ask for back up data from posters who make claims of anything that I do not understand. vonMichael said that Trump had committed “fraud” and I hadn’t known that. And I still do not know that.

          I voted for Donald Trump and would like for criticism of him to be factual.

          I have been audited and found to be without claims by IRS. It is not an uncommon thing especially for a person of such vast business activity as Trump.

          IRS has vast resources to investigate tax returns and their handling of his or anyone else tax returns is enough for me. Making it political, I do not agree with.

          1. roseinbloom

            Lonerogue. What is a fact? Donald Trump made all kinds of malicious false claims against Barack and Hilary. He deserves no better treatment. I think more needs to be done before they get into the White House. The FACTS should have been made available. They were not. Some people would not know a fact if it sprung at them in the voice of the God in which they believe.
            Von Michael did mention PBS and there are some factual discussions there, but Trump totally maligns most news sources and calls it fake news. He does not state the facts when he does it.
            Lone rogue you are to be commended for taking issue with the information and not the person.

          2. LoneRogue

            No one has an exclusive on the truth. Not Trump, not Hillary, Not Obama. NO ONE. It is obvious I have favorable feelings about our president and equally obvious that you do not.

            I’m trying to stay on facts and not personal attacks and hope everyone else will too. Do you think I’m a rotten apple? [g]

          3. vonMichael

            Sorry, if you want to get more information about Mr. Trump debts just ask Mr. Google *** debts of Mr. Trump ***.

            Rose and lonerogue please check PBS ( Public Broadcasting Service ) to get more and further information from allover the USA.

    1. vonMichael

      Hello Drummer,yes we are all adults and we should be able to discuss Politics. But, now come a big *** But *** many of the very few adults discuss topics and not the opinionator in personal.
      I myself would like to hear and to get confronted with political views from all-over the globe but I fully understand ROB and his view on this idea. Please remember the English saying; one rotten apple can spoil…….. Best regards and have a nice w-end, Michael

      1. Drummer Post author

        Good morning Michael As usual you speak a lot of sense as do so many other contributors on this site
        and such discussion can only be good as our individual freedom to comment should never ever be denied!

  7. rose1943

    It is FACT that Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary, signed off today. “He wasn’t good enough for TV.” FACT: Jeff Spencer, the Attorney General, was highly insulted by the president this week but didn’t leave his post…..yet. These are facts….not opinions. I make sure that the journalists I watch and listen are not Fox News nor anyone that “makes things up.” I know that journalism has changed very much throughout the years. That’s mostly due to ‘who’s pay who.’ I read an entire book on it some years ago written by a journalist who found out ‘he had to write what he was told’ whether it was true or not. He worked for a newspaper. He quit. If you tune in to the facts….you’ll get them. I don’t Twitter. I don’t have time to read Trumps ridiculous remarks he tweets first thing in the morning. I don’ think his brains are up to par that early…therefore he spurts out anything and everything and even makes up words like “covfefe.” FACT: that is NOT a word. No respect. No civility exists now.

    1. Drummer Post author

      U personally was very sorry to see Sean Spicer depart, for his ability to control often difficult question times marked him as a man of great ability – Mr. Trump has lost a valuable ally!

  8. rose1943

    Before….Donald Trump wouldn’t release his taxes saying “They’re being audited.” Now he is saying “I’ll release them when I leave office”. Does he really know how to tell the truth?

      1. Drummer Post author

        I think all of the foregoing comments have merit – considerable merit – for nobody can state anything
        as being fact – we all have beliefs thank goodness,
        and the good fortune to be able to use Senior Chatters to express them. Lone Rogue and Rose 1943 express contrary views. Who can possibly say with any certainty that either of them are wrong.

  9. rose1943

    LoneRogue, I commend you on your steadfast commitment to this president in the face of all that is going on and all this upheaval in our country. You are among a small percentage of our people and are hanging in there. I have changed my mind in my life, surely many times but not disappointed my husband, children, grandchildren, co-workers doing it. There were no consequences for them nor did I incite any fear into their lives. In my opinion, it is the fear that hangs the heaviest for us here in the U.S. The rich do not feel it. It is the rest that do.

  10. rose1943

    Does anyone remember Mr. Nixon? His antics went on and on until two very suspicious reporters brought it all out. It took a long time but finally Nixon resigned rather than wanting to be impeached. Does anyone remember the
    Iran- Contra hearings? They were on PBS everyday. I videotaped daily. Mr. Reagon did some huge undercover stuff didn’t he? We were lucky these facts all came out. Mostly and so sadly I remember President John Kennedy being shot that awful day Nov. 22, 1963. Most of us can recall exactly where we were when hearing that fateful news. We certainly have had our ups and downs with politics here, haven’t we?

    1. LoneRogue

      Sure do remember Nixon. I would have been on your side then Rose. I’ve been a democrat, a republican, a libertarian and now an independent. I’ve been looking for a non politician and found one. One which is not beholding to anyone and financially independent too. Didn’t think I’d find one which speaks like me but have found that too.

      I like the man and wish some of you here could find something about him that you could like also.

      From the criticism you express it sounds like any one not of your party is a louse.

  11. rose1943

    Absolutely not, Lone and I’m sorry it sounds that way. In expressing my views I suppose I can understand I might sound that way. I guess we are just fired up right now and will probably feel this way until the primary issues that we are worried about are handled…hopefully in a fair and proper way. Someone I had been friends with since age 12 is out of my life due to ‘issues’ like this. She railed into me when she found out my daughters had walked in the protest in January here in Chicago. She dredged in not only politics but religion….and “shame on them”. We will never get to that point on this blog. I feel that you and I are level headed discussing our views. I commended you before on your commitment and I do it again. Again….sorry…you stick to your guns and most likely are a good and faithful husband and father.

    1. LoneRogue

      The world needs some (a lot) level headedness now and if we can’t take the anger down soon I believe we will all not like the result.

      I don’t know if I’ve gotten to the place that I’m skating on thin ice here. I seem to be the only person thinking my way. Have there been others?

      I’ll try to be reasonable and though I hadn’t thanked you for you commendation I thank you now. I am vitally interested in politics and am willing to discuss “issues”. Hopefully all can keep it to the issues and not personal attacks. By personal attacks I also mean personal stuff about the candidate each of us supports. Both parties and heads of parties have gotten very personal and it will only stop when *ALL* stop it. Right now the general news media is not helping calm thing at all.

      I have been a husband for 56 years however my wife passed away in 2014 and “Alone, along the Rogue River” I remain. I have one son and 5 grandchildren and 3 great grands.

      1. Drummer Post author

        Good morning Lone Rogue – I think you are doing well(this is not condescension) to fight your corner for Trump – but as you will appreciate many Chatters are not from the USA – I for example am from New Zealand yet even being so far away, there is intense interest – whatever happens. So please continue to say your piece, after all we all live in a Democracy.

  12. roseinbloom

    Lonerogue, You are entitled to your opinion even if everyone else states an opposite one. I am appalled by the lack of judicious statesmanship of Mr. Trump. I am also appalled by the way he treats women and minorities. I am also concerned about his total lack of political experience and his refusal to listen to the people who advise him. Would you want a plumber or a doctor without experience/ Then, why would you think an inexperienced politician would be able to do the job. So far Trump has passed zero legislation and his party is in Congress. To me, that is not all bad, but that is not what his job is.
    I don’t think any man would want to say, “that is my idea of a good man”.

    1. LoneRogue

      Did you feel equally about Obama’s absolute lack of experience? Trump has run a huge successful business enterprise. Anyone who does not like him will think that is no experience of value. I know differently.

      Let me hear of Obama accomplishments and he had 8 years. Critics have been hammering Trump from day one. I have as great a distaste for congress as you apparently do .

      In my opinion he treats women and minorities very well.

      1. roseinbloom

        Trump is not Obama, so why don’t you just argue for your preferred candidate.
        Obama was a community activistic, a constitutional law professor, a state senator. He was also a Harvard trained Lawyer.
        Trump went bankrupt 4 times as I have heard. He was bankrupt when he divorced his first wife. He was a sitcom celebrity.
        I am a woman and he has treated all his wives dreadfully. Trump is defunding planned parenthood. I could go on and on. I give up. You want facts. I don’t think so. He violates everything that should be held sacred.

        1. Drummer Post author

          Hello again Roseinbloom I have read and digested your response, and from here in New Zealand I wouldn’t dare to pass either negative or positive thoughts on the Trump v Obama discussion as we only hear or see what appears on Television, and certainly I am appreciating the tremendous response
          that has followed my blog. Surely it is great that we each have the chance to express our own thoughts and in turn have the opportunity of learning more having read so many and varied comments.
          Time I went to bed! Have a great day with kind regards as always.

    2. rose1943

      Lone, here I am again! Just needed to add this: I have cable tv, a radio and the Internet and have to say, in case you didn’t know that President Obama was criticized and hassled not only the first day he took office but as soon as he announced his candidacy as president. You must have missed that somehow. He was surely HATED by many but plowed through all of it…and it’s STILL happening. ?

  13. starlette

    I am in the UK and we have our own preferences for who we want as a Prime Minister……..we can argue the toss till the cows come home but you are never going to get anyone to change their views on who they prefer, all sorts of sordid and corrupt reasons will be dragged to the fore…….who knows if they are true or not, are the papers to be believed not at all……are the spin doctors to be believed……..not at all…….are private documents to be believed……not at all, they can be doctored and very often are……..and now, when posts are turning a little bit heated you can see why political discussions are not recommended on blogs ……

    1. LoneRogue

      True enough Starlette. Changing anyone’s mind is hopeless and not what I am trying to do. I hope to be able to quiet down the false statements and outright lies. I had a good thought about a year ago that television was only irritating me, so I turned it off and cancelled satelite service. What is going on in the world can be found on the net BUT one must filter what is presented with large amount of skepticism. I have always felt that discussion of both religion and politics is possible by reasonable people. Finding them is a difficult task.

      1. starlette

        Hi LoneRogue……..I no longer buy newspapers, papers are biased towards political parties…….I tend to watch some political question and answers programmes………but……. and that’s a big BUT…… very rarely does a Politian give an answer to what is being asked……..they are very talented in skirting the issues…….in actual fact I don’t have a closed mind to any potential candidate for Prime Minister…….I am not one of the many who always vote for the same party year after year because their father did………but invariably I end up being disappointed because yet again I have been duped by false promises…….but I do feel I have to vote because brave women were imprisoned and tortured to get the vote for women…………I cannot comment on American politics because we only see snippets on the news……….good for you to be rid of the big square thing in the corner…lol……..but I need to watch my soaps so cannot follow suit……..Hey Ho !!!……….. and The World Turns…….

        1. vonMichael

          Hello Star,

          I’m also not buying newspapers for ages cos I get news ( if I want so ) delivered every 10 minutes via I-net. My little advantage to others is my limited knowledge of the English language which helps to read the Prawda or the Russia today and some English papers as well which helps a lot of creating my own opinion.

          As I’ve pointed it out already Im a catholic and it says in our religion we are all the same. And in this point our religion is so very true at least in one point; Politicians and Officials are the same all over the world ( it looks as if they come out of the same nest! ).
          They dominate to lie which reminds me to a statement of one of our leading Politians here in GERMANY who said after our last national election… it is very unfair of the voters to take the nominees by their catchphrases they made during the election time. Means; never take
          any of my words for grant.

          And one other fact of what human beings do; they see each colour individualy, black is no longer black for them, it is dark grey.

          One other fact people have never learned no matter how old they are; to live and to cope with lies.

          Even a politian I admire ( Sir Winston Churchill ) said in one of Britian’s darkest hour; We will never surrender, we will fight…….

          I can’t remember an other Politian who ever said such a lie that brought
          so much hope to the population…. xxxM

          1. Rockflower

            I hear what you say and I too get fed up with the lies but really it would seem to be that human nature is the fault, people tend to believe what they want to be true. Politicians hope to find out what we all want and then promise it, while most times knowing it is not possible to deliver what is desired. We see this happening all over the world time and time again. The sad fact is… works! In the recent UK election, Corbyn the Labour Party leader lied big time. He said that he would if elected, abolish all university tuition fees .Not only that but he promised that all people who at present had unpaid debt from their university education would have that debt written off. Then his workers got this news well known amongst students, got students signed up so they were able to vote. In the past most students have ignored politics and voting. It is believed this is what increased his election result denying Mrs.May her expected big win, she won but not as she wanted. This policy of wiping out student fees and student debt would cost over 3 billion!!!! Now Corbyn is protesting that he never said such a thing. but there is film of him saying just this. In fact his manifesto was full of vey expensive promises, he knew he could promise the moon because he was not going to win and be called to deliver these on promises. Mrs. May was playing her own games and she ran a terrible campaign. We the public are donkeys and tend to go after the carrot.

            In war lies have to be told I suppose, Churchill was not that popular before the war, he was a product of a very privileged upbringing, he could never bring himself to a true understanding of socialist ideas. The socialists did recognize that he was the best to lead in war and put away their own beliefs to follow his lead for the duration of the war. Once war was over they got him out of power. Churchill had to tell lies while fighting the war, he often had to hide the truth and he had the strength to do that. Early on as you will know, the German military code used for sending messages was discovered in UK. Reading a secret German military messages , it was learnt that the German airforce were planning a huge bombing offensive on the city of Coventry. Churchill could have ordered thousands of people to leave the city on that night and save all those lives but he did not and many thought he should have done so. To do so would have alerted German high command that their code was broken……it was judged better and likely to save more lives, if Britain continued to be able to have some knowledge of German military intentions. I can’t imagine what Churchill felt reading the death and casualty counts in Coventry the following morning. No wonder he was a heavy drinker!? That ability to be ruthless for the greater good was needed. I think it was Churchill who said or quoted….truth is the first casualty of war.

            I sometimes wonder if the time of political parties should be over, should we just vote for our regional representative a person we judge best to vote for our interests. Although someone advised ….do not vote for who you like, vote for who you think will do the least harm! I realize that I have nearly always done this because I end up voting against someone rather than voting for someone. . The simple truth is , we cannot all have what we want all the time.We need to look at the big picture but most don’t. It is just that I feel we have political animals, that want power for themselves . The political animal is just that and animal LOL! regardless of what ever party they judge will deliver power for them. Democracy is a blunt instrument, not always efficient but it is the best we have got. so best stick with it.
            Here are a couple of quotes I have found this year and put in my diary……..
            Politics is the conduct of public affairs for private advantage…. Ambrose Bierce.
            A politician will always be there when he needs you……..Ian Walsh
            Politicians are like nappies.They should be changed regularly and for the same reason…….Patrick Murray. So true…….J

  14. Drummer Post author

    Hello Starlette As you rightly say, responses to my blog have been many and varied, but surely, isn’t this what blogs are about – people expressing their thoughts openly and indeed, in moderation. I find it wonderful to exchange views both Pro and Anti thanks to Chatters – I am delighted that so many people have taken the trouble to respond, and if it were not for Chatters they would have no opportunity to do so.
    Kind regards Drummer

  15. Rockflower

    Perhaps we could have a site, room or what ever for those of us who would like to discuss current affairs, I would like some open grown up discussion but feel in a bit of a straightjacket on this site. I don’t think anyone should set out to offend but I think people are loosing the ability to have open frank exchange of views with all kinds of people not necessarily of the same opinion as themselves. This I sincerely believe is dangerous to any society. The political correctness thing has swung too far in a lot of areas, this can be used by authority or dictators to control the minds and the people to their own detriment. Indeed I think we are witness to this happening in many countries right now.

  16. Drummer Post author

    Hello Rockflower

    IU feel I must respond to your question about what can and cannot be discussed – Surely, if you have read all of the
    responses to this particular blog you will see that very little has been regarded as too hard to talk about. I only hope management don’t find reason to stop it, for as you rightly suggest we are all adults and entitled to share our opinions,

    I say let it all flow!

    1. LoneRogue

      What has been done or said that is grounds for management to “stop” the ongoing blog posts?

      I did notice a few days ago something was said (paraphrasing) “I know how Rob feels about this”. Are managements personal feelings something that causes some to fear? Do some butter up management to stay on the “good” side of management?

      1. starlette

        I think what was probably meant by that remark is not Robs personnel feelings re, Politics, religion etc….. he just knows from past experience how they can end up……….. just as I posted earlier…..they begin to go around in circles…… everyone defending their own beliefs……….as grandma posted there is a special group on this site for people wishing to discuss politics in greater depth……not me though……although I would love to discuss Teresa May getting into bed with Arlene Foster of the DUP fame……….but I wont bother…….I know lots about them……..lots know little………just to add they now want money from us to fund their bonfires………now I will zip it…….lol….

      2. Drummer Post author

        I hope we never have to resort to buttering up management, but at the same time hope that management will see just how enjoyable our discourse has been of later.
        Have a good day Rogue!

  17. grandmaj

    Hi Drummer, Good blog, there is a group called …. politics, current events.. if anyone is interested, I am not in it, but thought its a good idea. Being in a different country to most on here. Thanks for all your blogs Drummer,

  18. Drummer Post author

    Hello Grandmadge

    Thanks for your kind message and am pleased to hear you enjoy my blogs – it is messages like yours that make it all so worthwhile – like you, I’m not keen on a separate site for the Political views -it sounds to elitist for me.
    Have a nice day!

  19. rose1943

    Oops! Trump’s Tweet this morning…….no more transgenders allowed in service to fight for our country. FACT. Yes, just a little TWEET announcing it turning people’s lives around 360 degrees.

    1. LoneRogue

      It is often cited that the 1st use was Virginia Prince whom used “Transgenderal” in 1969 which was a play on the term “Transsexual” which was already in common use by the early 1960’s.

      When you say “turning lives around” I assume you mean those who consider themselves “transgender”.

      I submit that those who have these feelings are infinitesimal to the normal thinking people who believe there are two sexes determined by a person’s genitals. All the fuss is great cause for problems of the vast normal group which accept their biological configuration as what they are.

      Political correctness = Bah, humbug

  20. rose1943

    Then, after these tweets he throws out about the Attorney General, Transgenders and ‘leaks’ the only answers from press secretary Huckabee and from Trump are: “this is under discussion”, “you’ll see” and his famous “time will tell”. Putting people on the edge of their seats, making major changes at the drop of a hat, ……it’s like ‘tune in next week for the next episode’ as is on the cliffhangers on a television series. This is what causes frustration, fear and even anger. Fuel for the fire…..and he won’t stop. This is not a television show, Mr. trump. But you seem to live it, don’t you?

    1. Rockflower

      Rose, most of the world that is not USA are just watching with our mouths open! Every thing is scary and unpredictable so everyone is trying to say nothing in case they make matters worse. Politics seems to be in flux just about everywhere, the EU not all sweetness and light between members.UK does not seem to know where it is going or wants to go….just about everywhere is upset in some way . Well Rose true to form, the US are doing it bigger than anyone else it seems. Are the Democrats just playing it very smart by keeping quiet and letting things run the course because they don’t seem to be offering much opposition when viewed from outside.

  21. rose1943

    One of my daughter’s friends on Facebook this morning summed it all up. After reading all Trump’s ‘tweets’ and hearing his ‘reasoning’ just posted:

    “I QUIT”……and I think that’s exactly what we’re supposed to feel.

  22. rose1943

    Say to say that Mr. Trump just fired our Chief of Staff…..who will be next? They’re going one by one. Scarramuci has been having nasty words toward him since he came in since Sean has gone. He seems to carry a lot of weight even tho’ he hasn’t been sworn into this office. He’s a good friend of Trump’s. mostly in business.

    1. LoneRogue

      Well Drummer the open free interchange of views that you commented about but a few days ago seems to have died. Some one or someones were not as pleased about that as you and I. We the participants handled the differences pretty well I thought. There is plenty of mystery as to what happens here as to posts getting lost and other skulduggery. I am not good at letting devious things pass without comment and suspect I will mysteriously disappear too,

      You are a gentleman and dealt with me as fairly as could ever be expected. For that I thank you and hope our paths will cross again someday.

      1. Drummer Post author

        Hello Rogue
        I must admit to being somewhat puzzled by this missive – is somebody giving you a hard time? Or sending rude messages -Frankly I have enjoyed our chats very much and very much look forward to them continuing! Kind r4egards Drummer

  23. Drummer Post author

    Can anybody explain to me why it is that the President of the USA is not in attendance when crucial votes are taken –
    sure being there in person would improve his chances of getting bills through!

  24. rose1943

    Drummer, you raise a good question. How will we know how other countriy’s policies operate unless we share.
    The president does not vote. It is done by the Senators, House of Representatives. Each of our states has 2 senators and at least one member of the House of Representatives. The Vice President is present but not to vote. When votes are coasted and all is hashed over the president is presented the bill to sign to put it into law. To read the Constitution is very long and drawn out but we learn about this process as young people in Civics class. Also MUST memorize the Preamble to the Constitution in order to graduate. My daughter teaches in elementary school and things are taught pretty much the same. Will they remember this? Who knows?
    If anyone feels these are Not FACTS, (pretty sure there will be) , feel free to comment and/or correct. Thank you.

  25. Drummer Post author

    Good Morning Rose – thanks for the information- I often wondered how this worked particularly why the President is not present at voting time – totally the opposite of what I have been brought up with (UK and New Zealand) I am now a little wiser!

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