How does age creep up on us , my old man at 77 ,  thinks im a partial genius because i can use the sky remote , my daughter however cant understand why i struggle with the laptop .i seemingly went from being a regular relatively fit  5 a side player to waking up with dodgy knees overnight .

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  1. starlette

    Hello toothbrush, love the name, are you manual or battery operated…….now I am rubbish at techy stuff but can work a battery toothbrush………the computer I found terribly frustrating when I first took lessons, I don’t have the patience to learn about technology……..just have no interest in it………. but needs must and I know enough to get where I want to go……….mostly learnt by trial and error…….the joints maybe worse for wear and tear but the brain we can keep well oiled…….

  2. len1932

    At age 85 years young i have all the benefits of old age.

    I walk with a cane so people get out of the way

    I no longer drive so have a wife that drives me crazy

    I take a morning and afternoon nap with my dog

    I hand wash the dishes to keep hands in shape

    I write a weekly newspaper column to keep my mind active( 25 years)

    I make fishing tackle for retail stores to get extra money(47 years)

    I travel around the country on AMTRAK with wife to have vacations

    I go to church each week to praise the Lord for all His blessings

    I go on Senior Chatters to remind me I am old and have friends around the world

  3. roseinbloom

    Toothbrush98, You filed it. Age creeps up on us. I have a friend who had heart surgery quadruple bypass at 52 and cancer also the same year. He had hardly had a sick day in his life. Those arteries were clogging totally unnoticed. He is still alive and well 18 years later and has plenty of strength and energy Age still creeps up in many ways. Looking in the mirror is suddenly a jolt, or the feet hurt and we have to get some sensible shoes and countless other ways, so age creeps up even when some of it become noticeable suddenly.
    Le has a good way of adjusting and accommodating, and that is what we need to do. Adjust or accept that the effort is just not worth it and try to enjoy what we can. I am glad I have a website like this to learn from others and share our issues.

    1. len1932

      Old age does creep up on us if we let it. I now have websites Tiptopwebsite,com/len1932 about my family history that has had 33,000 visitors, lines with my newspaper column with thousands of visitors. I keep writing today as started in 1973 when retired from Air Force, It was about fishing information until 6 years ago when went on the religious pages to reach men for the Lord instead of fish. Never have accepted one cent for all my writings as I love doing it. Also published 3 books of Lens Lines–A Little Religion On A Positive Note by Len Granger The columns have been published around the world and have a binder 4 inches think of reprints. If we let out minds go stale that is the problem.

  4. Toothbrush98 Post author

    I remember years ago roseinBloom talking to an old lady who had raised a very large family & although she was very sprightly she d recently been the drs with various aches & pains ,
    She said the Dr put her right by explaining to her she had probably had her aches & pains for a while , but raising such a large family she hadn’t noticed them as she had been to busy with other pre occupations & the tris of evryday life .

    1. roseinbloom

      Len1932, Doctors need to take women’s pain more seriously and help them sort them out. Some pains that are long standing become critical and others may become fatal. Home remedies like ice or heat, ointments or bandages may help or surgical correction may be needed.
      Your toe may be gout and you may benefit from a diet limiting red meat. It can get worse. Good luck with the Toe and other aches.

  5. Tommy H

    At 25 years I noticed my big toes were tingling, At 59 years I have both big toes hurting all the time and at night when there is little to take your mind off it they can be extremely uncomfortable. Feels like their being squeezed in a vice. Some things to do with getting old are dreadful. xx

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