there are as many reasons for a broken mind as there are stars in the night sky

a broken mind sees grey clouds on a clear day

a broken mind sees ugly where beauty lay

a broken mind does not know how to mend

a broken mind is hard to freind

a broken mind sees no point to the day

a broken mind hears nothing you say

how can anyone understand

the strangeness a broken mind commands

a broken mind craves normal craves sane

acid tears fall like rain

hurtfull comments cut like a knife

a broken mind pays with their life

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  1. starlette

    Hi Deaks…..there but for the grace of God so the saying goes……at anyone time in anyone’s life the mind can be so close to being broken…but it can also be mended……

  2. 5mintbreak

    Ah Deaks, have we come full circle? A broken mind.
    The mind is all powerful it is in each persons own mind and you can control. It is the choice you make, your decision how you interpret happenings, you can let fear overtake you, you can let others hurt you, you can become bitter with your life and how things work out. Once you do it takes strong willpower to get back up again, some people are strong others are not, you alone have to make the choice which way you let your mind take you.

  3. tania

    You are right on it 5mintbreak, I think the same.I have been down, but I have fought my way back, and I try to always keep my mind active…Thank you, deaks.

  4. happysailor1

    Star, 5mint, tania, the comments run true.
    Imagine this as being a boxer in a ring. Society sits in chairs all around the ring cheering, jeering, clapping and shouting. You stand in your corner, preparing your mind for the upcoming challenges ahead. Into the ring steps Big Billy Bad Life. The crowds oh and aw and stamp their feet. You turn and see a 6 ft 11-inch tall bruiser. Arms like the branches of an oak, and legs like tree stumps. Glaring at you, he slams his padded fists together and suddenly a huge thunderous boom fills the arena and he roars, ” Who Dares challenge me? “. Again, his massive hammer-like gloves slam together sounding like1000 cannons firing all at once ” WHO IS THIS…? ” You stand there looking at this enity, unsure, You ask yourself am I ready for this? am I up to this challenge? can I even win? Your mind reels with decisions. But your focus becomes direct, your resolve starts to form. You prepare… the bell rings, the crowds go silent, you advance. The dance has begun… bob, weave left right forward back, and then unseen life lands a glancing blow and you are driven to your knee, again life tries to land the ultimate decisive blow but you see it and move. Missed. You stand and the dance continues. Round after round day after day. Some days you get banged to you knees, somedays you land the hit that drives life back. But then a day comes and life lands a very hard gut-wrenching body blow and you lay on the mat. Your mind hurts, your soul hurts, why go on? you ask. This life is bigger, faster, harder than I.
    A decision must be made. There are only two options available, as life dances around your prone bruised body, roaring, and gloating. One, you can remain on the mat, hoping that maybe the bell will ring saving you, allowing you to pull back and hope that maybe the next time things will end differently, or Two you resolve to stand and continue. This choice can only be made by you.
    I was in this situation, and I made the choice…