Someone is asking me for a title? I’ve never done anything like this before, so what should I call it?  For now, let’s just call it “Wandering thoughts from a wandering mind ….” That indicates that I have a good mind yet, maybe a little bit pretentious? Then again, I’m not crazy yet, am I? ….  I’ve been reading alot today (finally a good excuse to go to the waiting room at a Dr.s office, ooopps, oh yeah, Dr.s apt. forgot about that, made it seem like I just walk into a waiting room to read…) anyway, from what I read we’ve got tension in Iran (or Iroc … I get those mixed up, they both seem to have the same thoughts and actions …. “We hate the US …. blah blah blah.”) , then there’s trouble in the South China Sea(s) everynow and then they have to build a new island for their planes, radar sites, missles etc. just so they can claim more souvereignty in international waters (that of course means we have to go sticking our noses in for countries like Viet Nam, Taiwan , and all those other countries that can’t afford to keep their own national waters.) Oh while I’m at it let’s not forget Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union … They’ve (no we’ve) got NATO as a defense (as long as the US backs it) …. Yep, there’s tension all over the world with us right there in the middle of it …. It’s almost like everyone needs to take a good healthy dump!  I say let’s get all the top world leaders and their counterparts and give them all enemas … that’s right, just bend them all over and shove one of mama’s old douche bag hard ends up their asses and let the soapy hot water run! Let them dance in the tub for a couple minutes to make sure everything gets nice and clean before you let the flood out! …. Yep, I guantee that after maybe 3-5 minutes afterward that they’ll all have a bright new attitude and ease off all the tension in the world ….. Now that’s what I call good old fashioned red neck diplomacey …. and while you’ve got them all together, after the “brown water cleanout” let’s all pass around a joint, get good and high, then with the thoughts of cartoons and Joe E. Brown running through their heads will be the time to laugh and talk about the world problems, maybe make up a couple peace treaty’s and discuss how many peanuts are in a Payday candy bar ….. ah, what a world this could be …. imagine if all the worlds countries monies went into feeding the poor, researching illnesses, fixing the environment instead of waisting billions of dollars on missiles, bombs, tanks, planes, ships and all the other devices we use to kill each other …. I almost shudder to think of what the scientific community could do with an extra billion dollars to help fight the various illnesses in the world or maybe finding ways to get clean water to the people dieing of thirst world wide … education …. could you imagine what a boost a few billion dollars could do in trying to educate not only our countries children, but the troubled countries worrying about food and water who see their hopes and dreams in their children’s ability to take care of themselfs and their countries troubles ….. what would happen if with a couple billion dollars a discovery came about making the use of fosil based fuels obsolete …. oil would not seem so valuable anymore …  there goes the mideast tension …. hello to fresher air …. so many changes could be had just in the cost of a stronger military  (damn, we’d only be able to blow up the world a dozen ways now …. wheres the fun in that?)  Oh well, now I can see how these blog things can get out of hand …. you turn a loudmouth like me on and it’s hard as hell to turn me off …… anyway, good bye for now … who knows what will come out of me next? I sure don’t know ….. bye

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  1. catlady

    Well an interesting Blog, not sure I agree with your solution but I would definitely prefer money spent on helping humanity rather than spend money blowing them up (which I think was what the blog was about, let me know if I got that wrong). It is refreshing to read an original blog Thank you willieben